Come… travel with us!

Well hello!

I’m Honey-Jayne!  20140517_121552 And this is Benj! 20140517_121842

Benj is a brilliant programmer by day and, by night—well, ya know…

superbenJust your average plunger-wielding superhero.

During my day hours, I have a hard time concentrating. But at night….

IMPERVIOUS front cover

I write books!

(Yep… shameless plug!)

Anywho, here we are as semi-normal looking couple.


Just happy, Midwestern, Bears fans from a small town in Illinois.   20140823_090232


But, you see, we’ve decided to take our show on the road…

rocky and bully

And share our adventure with you.

By the way, we really like people! So, feel free to make comments!  Introduce yourself and let us know who our traveling companions are!

God bless!


One thought on “Come… travel with us!”

  1. Well, we’re semi-ex-neighbors and we think you guys are pretty super (we’ll collect the $10 when you swing by next). However, watch out if they want to play Farkle with you! Heather is maniacal 😉

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Gett'n our travel on!