Bimontennial Celebration!

So, we’ve been on the road for just a little over two months now…

We’ve hiked, biked, kayaked, and swam (swimmed? swum?) pickle-balled, and had the pleasure of dropping in on  some family and friends. (Waving to family and friends!) We’ve seen God’s majestic handiwork stretching from Carolina to Dakota and down to Florida’s best kept secret. (Shhh…. if I told ya, I’d  have to kill ya…) 20141024_123539

So, how have we adjusted to our new digs while living large? Well, let’s start by squashing that particular misnomer. Truth is, we’re living small… Very small… 400 sq. ft. small.

We’ve perfected the Rocky Kitchen Shuffle. (A new dance including varying degrees of scooting, bending and ducking from random cabinet swings, as well as the occasional thump ‘n bump.)

Tandem teeth cleaning is nightly battle for the sink–loser gets hallway. (And ample time to slurp back a mouthful of minty foam.)

Dragging dirty laundry past a host of inquiring RV’s (before counting out stacks of quarters) has become one of my favorite weekly pastimes.

And, although Honey-Jayne is designated trailer chef, Benj holds his own in KP duty as well. Both herald dishpan hands as God’s witness. Speaking of cooking… Good News Report: After living sans oven and utilizing the BBQ to grill pizzas, bake cookies/biscuits, the microwave for baked taters/squash, and crockpot for brownies, our oven is once again operational!  Woo-hoo! (Thanks,  Wanda!) Turns out it was user error. (Don’t even….)


We’ve made the acquaintance of gaggles of fabulous, friendly, folks as well as being blessed to worship with hundreds of new brothers and sisters in the Lord (from a myriad of denominations).

As a matter of fact, outside of our jumping and jiving St. Louie Baptist Church experience, last Sunday’s Church may just qualify as the most unique thus far. Right off the dunes of the  Navarre beach… (oops… I think i just told you Florida’s best kept secret! Dang!)

20141026_090320Anyway, from the pulpit of a pimped out trailer, in the beach parking lot, Pastor John and his scream’n guitar led us through a rock’n worship and then the salty air of the Gulf reverberated his message for anyone with ears to hear. It was sunny. Breezy.  (Maybe a little cheesy?) But done in the name of the Lord and for the purpose of the kingdom..

I give it two (or one giant) thumbs up!




So, while brainstorming over ways to celebrate this bimontennial, we thought it might be fun to field some of the questions posed to us along the way. Here goes….



  • So… are you tired of this little charade yet?  HONEY-JAYNE: Nah, definitely not! But I do enjoy perusing the local real estate ads when we stop for more than a few days.  (I had to whisper that because when I talk real estate, a strange moaning sound usually erupts from nearby….)  BENJ: Charade?  Am I in a charade?  I’m having fun and enjoying life on the road.  This is the “new” normal…and it’s challenging just like the “old” normal was.  The only difference is I’m being challenged in FLORIDA!   Woot woot!
  • How long do you plan to continue traveling?  HONEY JAYNE: Until I can convince Benj to buy this awesome condo I just found here in Florida. BENJ: I’m eager to fulfill the 1-year plan (and prepare for the 2nd year!)…I have a desire to be in Maine by August 2015 (I guess I have a secret desire to chow down on a fresh, reasonably priced lobster).  But I’m sure that will get cold quickly and we’ll want to scurry down south come Sept 1, 2015.
  • Alright, truthfully… are you sick of each other? HONEY-JAYNE: Benj is a pretty quiet, low-maintenance guy. As long as I keep his belly filled, he’s very amiable. And seriously, dragging him around on my silly adventures is a hoot! Getting him out of his recliner, however, can prove a little difficult. All in all, he’s my BFF, so it’s like a forever sleepover party! BENJ: I am so blessed to have my trailer partner!  I will not get sick of her this month, this year, or in the millenia to come!
  • Where to next? HONEY-JAYNE: If I told ya, I’d have to kill ya. 😉 BENJ: I plan on moving about 2-feet to my left and give my wife a peck on the cheek.  I’m told I have some really sweet moves 😉
  • Oh… you two are maddenly cute. Seriously. What cringe-worthy deed(s) have transpired in the last two months? HONEY-JAYNE; Okay… I’ll fess up first. It was just yesterday as a matter of fact. I was sitting at my computer  minding my own business. I looked to my right and noticed Benj was missing. “Hmmm,” I thought, and then continued on with more pressing matters. Next thing I know Benj rattles into the trailer, hoisting our power-washer overhead. I froze. “Now, Honey-Jayne,” he said, “I’m gonna need your help for about ten minutes.” I remained frozen for another blink and then slowly nodded my head. “You see,” Benj continued, “I’m gonna shoot some high power water down the toilet, and I want you to go watch the clear waste tube outside.” I swallowed hard and shut my eyes. “Just holler when you see any large packages float by.”  I did it, folks. I did it out of love. (and that’s all I’m going to say about that.) BENJ:Watching my wife inadvertently try to crush our cute (and brand new) wind chime.  I’ll let her elaborate if she so desires. (Honey-jayne: No comment.)
    Well, that’s all folks! Stay tuned for more adventures of Benj and Honey-Jayne, the traveling gypsy nerds!
    2014-10-25 18.35.05

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