Lake Placid

Florida, that is… Not New York! 20150107_150133-1

You  didn’t really suppose Benj and Honey Jayne would head to some frigid northern, winter wonderland, did you?   Of course not. You know us too well by now.

This little village, nestled in South Central Florida amongst acres upon acres of orange groves and dotted with dozens of lakes is quite a cozy little gem.  And outside of my delicious New Year’s appetizer, I haven’t spotted one gator! gator tail

The town itself boasts 42 murals on the walls of local businesses, ben and train murala clown school (oh, yes, it does), and is the caladium capital of the world, (It says so on the sign. So yeah.)














Oh, and speaking of oranges…. (were we??)

These  juicy, colorful orbs, packed with Florida sunshine, beckon to me from their leafy dwelling place every fruit’n  time I take a sunset drive along the  lazy back roads. 20150107_144053

To be honest, these groves bursting with citrus galore, spring up so close to the road, I could reach my hand out of the truck window and literally pluck my own delicious snack….

but apparently I’d get arrested.

Yep, sadly there are no U-pick farms nearby because of something called citrus canker.   BUT, luckily our local fruit-gal, Shonda, has an in, and we are contentedly slurping back bag upon bag of heavenly  Honeybells.  20150107_150546

So besides eating oranges, we’ve also got quite the pickleball setup here, folks. (For those of you unfamiliar with this sport click a pickle to learn more)

Ben and I have enjoyed endless hours of play-time, (followed by pool time)

And, yes, yes, yes, OF COURSE, we’re still working too,   😉

Wish y’all were here!


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