Land of the Brave(s), home of the (nightmarish) freeways.

And just a little east (and a smidge north) of the big city, lies Stone Mountain Park where rolling hills dappled in the greens and golds of early autumn surround a pristine lake… and the big Stone Mountain.


Now mind you, this stop had its fill of rainy days and business obligations, yet Benj and Honey-Jayne still managed to hike this bad boy.. twice! 20141015_181630

The stone trail leading to the 1800 foot summit IMAG0428is a mile-long trek filled with rock-hops 20141015_174726 and plenty of super-steep, oxygen-robbers. IMAG0425

And beneath our feet, as we climbed, were hundreds of really cool etchings, lovingly crafted by those who had gone before us. 20141015_174754

Oh yea… 20141015_175132 and a few tree trunks littered with…. (A-B-C) gum chunks!

Besides the fact Atlanta marked the last stop before our final Panhandle destination, this southern city brought to us some anticipated excitement (as well as a few bonus highs!)

Anticipated…  Back to the Future Trading User’s ConferenceBTTFT, a group of tireless marketing and trading geniuses, are responsible for bringing Benj’s brilliant software into the lives of only the most fortunate of day-traders. By now, I ‘m sure you’ll agree with me that Benj is all that and a bag of chips, folks. However, I fear the world may missed-out on The Flux had the guys at BTTFT not come along and raised the banner. This year’s BTTFT Atlanta User Conference knocked it out of the park!

Shout out to the boys at BTTFT!!

And guess what? Even Honey-Jayne was met with a little business surprise when informed of an invitation to a local Atlanta T.V. talk show.  So on our last day, I yukked it up with the gals at WATC-TV.(Show airs 10/28 @ 4:30 p.m.  For those of you who aren’t in the metro Atlanta area, just click here on the 28th and watch online!)

Aaaaand, another shameless plug! —> IMPERVIOUS front cover

Did I mention, Atlanta was our last top before our final Panhandle destination?



We made it…20141018_182518


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