Sliding in to Home!

home sweet home

From the Gulf stream waters to the Glacier mountains, this land was made for you and me….

We did it, we did it! Twelve months on the road.

Wait… What’s that you say? You haven’t seen a new blog post since– gulp–JANUARY?!


Hmm… I would like to blame it on sub-par RV-park internet service… But, yeah, you’ve probably caught me on various social networks and such, and therefore would just call foul on that one…I’ll just fess up.

I forgot.

As you can imagine, I have a TON of stories to share. Would you care to sit down for three or four hours and take a listen while I present a stellar slide show?


Okay, how about this…. We” do a time travel shtick!

Hop in the travel-tube with me and let’s head back to January (Lake Placid, FL). We’ll start there and slowly move through the trip one more time. (Unless I forget again!!)

(More to come next week!!)