Where’d they go??

Well, let me tell ya, it was a….

Very Bedouin Christmas.

After packing  a mega-monstrous suitcase and cramming that bad boy, along with a few totes of winter gear, into the back of our truck, the gypsies headed north… sans fancy trailer.

There we were, just two lonely saps driving along the cold, dark highway looking for a place to lay our greasy little heads with visions of Christmas-past filling our dulled conscious.

But, alas,  we were blessed with Christmas miracle upon miracle when a bevy of charmingly charitable family and friends embraced us with hugs and hot meals, warm beds and soft pillows. And, harken to Santa on his sleigh, (but with a one-ton, B-A Rufolph) we meandered through our now very familiar 5,000-mile-loop:

Florida –> North Carolina –> Ohio –> Illinois –> Virginia –>North Carolina –> Florida.

How about a few shout outs:

Ma & Pa Nelson: For days of family fun and nights filled with delicious cuisine and family reflection.  20141128_213612



Jose and Jackie: For walks on the beach,  coffee clatching, sweet laughter, whiskey shivers, and…. GRODEN! 20141128_224635 20141129_145729

Leissa: For whispers and giggles only a sister could understand. 20141201_134550







Crystal and Daniel– For a meal fit for royalty and shopping extravaganza t’boot! (Dang, those were some good cutout cookies!)20141206_093115





The Gyllecks– For endless hours of sweet fellowship, sharing in God’s Word, popcorn dinner and Christmas celebrations,20141225_13561520141216_192542


not to mention an entire apartment to hang our hats!









Viv20141222_144528For keeping it real, fashion advice, shopping, snuggles and snickers… 20141207_145048an AH-mazing Vespers concert, and my reason for heading to the cold, dark, Great Lakes region. 20141207_165100

Mom and Dad Letto: For love, laughter and, oh-so-much food!! Not to mention, the best smelling pillows ever! 20141207_132235

Gale: For inviting us to share the Christmas message at Manor Care!

20141225_141320Fred, Patty and Broeden: For sharing the high, holy day with us!






Amber and Adam: For the bestest holiday surprise!!

We love you all! Not only were you the ones who kept us warm on the chilly nights, but the givers of the gifts we still hold in our hearts.


Now, in true, Honey-Jayne spirit, I’ve fashioned a little ditty to summarize our five week-Bedouin Holiday.  (Of course, sung to the Twelve Days of Christmas.)


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Twelve-plus hours to Chi-town,

Eleven gallons of Starbucks,

Ten separate Santas,

Nine days of darkness,

Eight Days of FOX news,

Seven Honey-Ham hunks,

Six seconds of sunshine,




Four perfumed pillows,

Three close calls,

Two new truck tires

And A Bedouin Christmas filled with family and friends!

Amen and goodnight!



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