We see Tennessee!

Woo-hoo, Nashville!

grandoleopry… the pride of Tennessee.

Okay, confession-time, folks. Honey-Jayne is not a fan of guided tours… of any kind. As a matter of fact, if a venue includes a gift shop, I will find most likely find it offensive. (Butterfly house excluded…). And so, I have this to say about the Grand Ol’ Opry:

“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….” (Sorry, Blake… I know you tried.)

See the gal in the picture with Ben here? The only reason she’s smiling is because… well, she’s standing on stage getting her picture taken. Yes, I know. I’m a big, ol’, fat, baby. Whatever.

Benj, on the other hand, really digs tours. He hammed it up with Minnie Pearl,20141001_163311

pondered life in the father of the Opry’s (Roy Acuff) dressing room, benopry

and can probably recite for you all of the interesting tid-bits shared by our very enthusiastic tour guide. (Go ahead… drop him an email.)

Of course, whilst in the ville of Nash, we headed down to “The District” for Boots & BBQ, which put a shiny smile back on my face. 20141001_184803(and, thanks for the hug, plastic Elvis!)

Unfortunately, when Benj saw the price tag on Mama’s boots, I believe he lost his giddy Opry buzz. Luckily, I spied an ice-cream shop across the way, and after plying him sweet treats, everyone was happy again. Nashville? I’m giving you a seven out of ten.

So, then we choo-choo’d a little further south, and… I love Chattanooga!

This quaint river-town, nestled in the foothills of the Smokies is just too cute!

It boasts:

A 24-mile (round trip) river walk (which I prefer to think of as my personal bike path). Beginning in the heart of the city, it winds through some cheeky neighborhoods, moves out past UTC, through well-manicured parks, and keeps on trailing all the way to the damn (and they are working on expanding it even more.) 20141004_133639

We also happened upon the city during a blue grass festival! (Chattanooga, you get extra credit for that one.)

20141005_141401 20141004_155125                        scultpure                      20141004_155228

They have a wonderful art district, old buildings, new buildings, hipster cafés, and plenty of gluten-free fare, including a cupcakery that won my heart. (Click on the gluten-free-chocolate-cake, peanut butter frosting deliciousness for info!) 20141005_143049

Oh, and, look… from way up here on Lookout Mountain I can see seven states! 20141007_174045 (Unfortunately, they aren’t outlined in black…I guess I just have to trust….. sigh)

Two Rocky updates:

1) Spices are finally organized! 20141006_170205

2) Trailer Pudd’n

Now, before y’all go thinking this involves another stinky-slinky, let me clarify…

Because I can’t house an enormous supply of groceries in my cozy home, I often find myself running out of this and that. Needless to say, when cooking, I’ve been employing a ton of mad creative-cooking skills of late. (Credit for such skills given to Chopped and my Mama.)

Yet, God love, him, over a mish-mosh breakfast the other day, Benj insisted, “Honey-Jayne, this breakfast is so good, you should share the recipe on our blog.”

“Hmmm. What should I call it?”

Benj sat up tall and without missing a beat, declared, “trailer pudd’n!”

So… well, here it is…. Trailer Pudd’n

Whisk together four eggs, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup coconut milk, and three hard shakes of cinnamon.

Rip apart two leftover gluten-free hotdog buns.

Chop up whatever dried fruit you have in the snack drawer (mine was three apricots.)

Shake out the dregs of the pecans from the dilapidated ziplock baggie.

Butter a glass 8×8″ dish, and toss in the hot dog buns, nuts, and fruit. Then pour the egg mixture over your dry stuff.  (I mushed it around a little, too)

Microwave on power-level-7 for five minutes. Then, microwave on full power for an additional five minutes.  (an oven would probably work great at this step, but mine was out of order…)

Cut into squares and drizzle with butter-syrup (recipe below).

Butter syrup: Mix together some leftover syrup with a dollop of mountain butter and microwave until you hear the butter pop in the microwave.

  trailerpuddinYou’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “We see Tennessee!”

  1. I love reading your adventures but Grand Ole Opry would have me right there with your Ben. And, I think it is dam not damn unless you have started cursing. 🙂 Keep on keeping me entertained. Be safe.

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