Knock, knock…

Knock, knock?

Who’s there?


Corn who?

Corn you believe this??

Oh vey! Illisouri

Harken this portion of our trip to wandering the world’s largest corn maze! Illisouri (Half Land-of-Lincoln, Half Show-me state) overfloweth with the muffiny, Chex-y, polenta-y, delight called corn. And as an extra bonus, the soy fields lie just across the way. If you’ve ever wondered, “what if the U.S. ran out of food one day?” I’d like to set your mind at ease. Even with obesity growing at an alarming rate, I assure you…

we’re good.


So, as I mentioned in my previous post, the reason for the southern Illinois portion mikeglassesof this trip was to hang with m’boi #2. vivonperkinsonDon’t worry… this gal won’t bore you with motherly anecdotes.

20140920_130702 I mean, that would be totally over-the-top, don’t ya think? 20140925_200510


And, then we had St. Louie…

Which wasn’t just for the sake of staying  in a lavish hotel that overlooked the Gateway to the West.


As a matter of fact, after donning skirts and heels for the weekend, and acting all professsional-y this girl was dang-good-and-ready for a smattering trailer attire. (If you must envision fuzzy pink slippers, cold-cream and curlers, go right ahead…)

As a bonus, we visited the butterfly house! And by the way, Benj held it together very well during our walk through this enchanted greenhouse. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know he had a phobia of fully-enclosed-butterfly-habitats until he muttered through tight-white lips, “I’m doing all I can to keep my hands pinned to my sides right now.”

You’re a trooper, Benj!

And, what timing! It looks like that guy is proposing to his girlfriend. 20140921_150609“Hey, Bro! Whatcha doing?”


Wait a second… I know that guy!

20140921_150316He’s my brother! Wooo-hooo! I’m gonna get me a new sister next year! Congrats you little love birds!! (Um… did they just sprout wings??)

Well, eventually, the party has to end.  bully_in_stlouis

BUT, not before church.

Of course, gypsies don’t have a home church, but if it’s Sunday morn, we’ll find us a house of worship. We’ve always been blessed to find a fellowship of believers who welcome us into their church home. Presbyterian, non-denominational, Church of Christ, Calvary Chapel… we’ve seen many and loved them all.

But this past Sunday, we were in the heart of St. Louie, folks! So, it just seemed logical that Benj and I would dress to the nines, strut from  our hotel and take a cab to the land where word the “church” takes on a whole new meaning (for us).

You see at Central Baptist, you don’t sit in a wooden pew, hands folded, just humming a hymn. Here, worship is a foot- stomp’n, hand-clapp’n, jump’n and jiving affair. And when the music stops, don’t bother sitt’n down… cuz worship aint done. All it takes is one “Hallelujah!” from the back of the room for the horn section to burst into another chorus of praise.

To my surprise, I discovered that even a voice as white as a bag of Wonder Bread can be heard in this congregation. Yes, ma’am (sir), at one point when the choir had finally ended the song, “He’s a keeper,” I heard a familiar voice to the left of me shout “He’s a Keeper!” And, bless his little heart, Benj’s proclamation brought the entire  congregation back to their feet, dancing and fanning themselves from the heat, as we all lifted our voices for another round.  “He’s a keeper… He’s a keeper!” happydance

It took us an hour to get through three songs.

It was an experience.

It was holy.

Thank you Central Baptist Church.

…And now for some deleted scenes…

Three cheers for Jakes Espresso Bar and GLUTEN FREE BAKERY! (click the delish muffin for their FB page)


Hey, Millikin Bronze Guy... whatcha reading?
Hey, Millikin Bronze Guy… whatcha reading?

Looking for the best burgers in the Southern Illinois? Enter through the blue door….


I aint 'fraid of no bug!
A million cockroaches? Bring it on!

SpeedyB“Speedy B” at the go-kart races


2 thoughts on “Knock, knock…”

  1. I got tired just reading this. I need a shot of whatever you take for energy!
    So happy about Dave and Caroline; I think they were destined for each other, but had to go thru their personal metamorphises first.
    Glad to see pictures of boi #2. He’s remarkable. What a great teacher he’ll be.
    Love to Y’all.

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