I’m seeing stars!

20140918_200453  Look everyone! It’s the Big Dipper!

 Oh wait. My bad…

That thin blue line is simply the trail that we nerds have blazed over the past four weeks.

~3,217 miles~

That’s a’lotta gas!

… and plenty of diesel fuel as well….

So, here’s a quick recap!

Wilmington = Family Fun

Maggie Valley, NC = Smoky Mountain Spectacular

Lexington, KY = Stopover for sleep (and water aerobics)

Volo, IL

  1. Sold a car! (Thanks again, Fred!)
  2. Pimped out the house.
  3. Ate squirrel meat… not really. (Or did we???)

West Salem, WI – Single night sleepover… turned into three

Sioux Falls, SD = We have officially forsaken Illinois residency, folks! Yes, ma’am (sir), we are now moccasin-wearing, gun-sling’n, bad guys! (okay, not really, we’re still slipper-wearing, computer slingers, but we are residents of South Dakota now! By the way, shout out to Josiah’s Café in downtown Sioux Falls. Finally a good cup of coffee!!  20140917_092312

Omaha, NE = Yay! A Jumping pillow! It’s da bomb. Many KOA’s have them and they’re soooo fun! Eeep!

Springfield, IL = M’boi! (Wait! I thought th’boi was in Wilmington, NC…..) Good memory! This is M’boi, #2. It’s family weekend at Milliken University! Woot!

During the past week, I (me, Honey-Jayne) have learned how to set the trailer into the 5th-wheel hitch (like a pro! BAM!), make wide-right turns, borrow books on tape from Cracker-Barrel (seriously, you can do that!), and creatively fashion a Dirt Devil vacuum bag to fit my hard-to find central vac system.

And Benj? Well, I should really let him share what has brought such a smile to his face of late. However, I will tell you that over the past few weeks, he’s been talking up the benefits of adding a see-through attachment the stinky slinky to keep an eye on the mighty brown river…. 20140917_122743  And sometimes, my friends, Christmas can come early.


One thought on “I’m seeing stars!”

  1. The see through elbow on the black water tank is the only way to go – esp if you have the reverse rinse system which cleans out the tank and get the little bits that are hanging on, out. Good investment….

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