Like the Swallows to Capistrano

To the tune of “Over the River and Through the Woods. 20140903_140944

”Over the mountains and through…   20140904_133234Stink’n creek? (Okay, stink’n creek)…to our old’ stomp’n grounds we go. (Okay. Song’s over.)

With the Great Smokies now at our backs, and after hour-upon-hour of gazing upon golden corn fields through our bug-splattered window, we gypsy (nerds) have returned to our original launching pad.

Wait… what? Question-Mark

Are they map illiterates?

Is it karma from buying that knock-off GPS?

Maybe Benj arranged this whole charade just to turn Honey-Jayne into an official trailer park gal. (Sick fantasy, BTW)

Well, you can lay all your twisted thoughts aside. I can assure you, this a scheduled stop …I had a gig, man! (Library gig, that is.)

And Benj had a gig, man–Pickleball. (If you really need to know, click the link) And, by the way, now that we’re back in the neighb for a few, I’ve learned that Benj is quite a Landlord-Extraordinaire…flb2(rock’n the Mr. Roper vibe! Yay Benj!)

So, where have we been? What have we done? I think I’ll reveal those things through this telltale list:

Things I’ve said for the first time ever in my life over the past week:

  • “I’d like to order the vinegar-pie.”
  • “Do you get many bears in these parts?”
  • “Ready for your ‘mater sammich, Benj?”
  • “I’ll take a jar of that TOE jam.”
  • “AARP? Why did I get mail from AARP!?”
  • “I’m afraid the drunk is going to try and tip our trailer.”
  • “I’m the Farkle Queen!”
  • “Can I bake brownies in my crockpot?”
  • “I’m ready to drive the trailer, Benj!”

For the record, vinegar-pie is da bomb…(go ahead and click for the recipe.)

The drunk did not tip our trailer. (And just to let you in on a secret… we were the ones who called called security about his loud music… Maybe those AARP folks know what they’re doing after all.)

TOE (tangerine, orange, and elderberry) jam aint so bad. (Almost as good as ‘mater sammiches!)

I’m three for three in Farkle now… so booya!

vonkam1 vonkam2


Brownies are delish in the crock-pot (especially if you add some extra liquid and caramel sauce.)

And last of all… yes, Honey-Jayne got behind the wheel! I manned our bad boy through twisting-turning roads like a pro for an entire… mile. (Benj held his breath the whole way.)

We have no debacles to report this week, so I thought I’d leave you with this picture. flb3 P.S. (I’m whispering this…) A big red bus just pulled into the spot next to us. Twenty-to-thirty elderly German folk disembarked. They’ve been traveling the U.S. for FOUR WEEKS in this bus (equipped with curtained-off bunks, one toilet and no shower.)  It’s a German tour company called Rotel. Check it out!


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