No’h Kaka-lackey

Yup… that’s how m’boi says it! However, for us yanks–who don’t speak a lick of suthah’n–North Carolina will just have to do. 20140827_195019

So, let’s start with who we encountered in the Kaca’lackey:

Family! teamwork-294584_640

Ya see, there’s Joe (m’boi) and Jo (my mama), Jacquelyn, (Joe’s–not Jo’s–girlfriend) who some people call Jackie, but I just call Sweet Girl ‘cuz–well, duh–because she’s a sweet girl. There’s my sister, Leissa (pronounced Lisa), her 23-lb mega-cat, Schrodie, and, last but not least, the patriarch, Papa-Floyd (who goes by John, or maybe Pooks, or Bumpa). Remember him? He’s my churro pal! Yep, that’s my No’h Kacka-lackey family.

Before I share some trip highlight, however, I would like to show you something Benj did:

Ta-Da! My new closet!

(For anyone new to the blog, the rod installed by the factory couldn’t withstand the weight of Honey-Jayne’s wardrobe. Thanks, Benj! Problem solved.)

Okay, moving on…

There’s so much to talk about from our stay in Kack’alackey, where should I start?


Hmmm… I should  definitely leave out the story about racing across the pool on Benj-the-dolphin’s back and having him almost lose his swim trunks.

(All for naught, BTW. Dang young’ns beat us every time.)

You probably don’t want to hear about our super-duper-sweaty bike ride on Wrightsville beach (but you might want to hear about the aaawesome PBJ smoothie afterwards! New fave, BTW).


I wouldn’t dare divulge the story of Benjie’s ripped shorts (stem-to-stern) and quick trip to pick up BBQ in said shorts. (Erps!)



Yet, I would like to do a shout out to Mission BBQ.

barbecue-147777_640 That’s some good eat’n, Jack!

Should we have paid closer attention to our fortune-less fortune cookies at B’dobo’s? Hmm. Maybe. You see, the following day Bully suffered from a near death experience (Bullwinkle is the name of the truck… Bully for short. Sorry to scare you!) He’s fine now.

In any event, life was sweet when I was privileged to join Mama and her gal-pals for the monthly birthday luncheon. (These pals haven’t faltered from their monthly tradition for 25 consecutive years. That’s friendship to the endship!).

And, here’s a little secret I’ve learned in our close-quarters: Benjie is a shopaholic. Seriously, this guy’s in a constant state of online searches for trailer upgrades. At this point, he’s very fond of the idea of a semi-tractor to pull the fifth wheel, and guess what? A Smart Car can fit right behind the cab! (You know, for those quickie shopping trips) Benj insists I post the link (click here) …Ugh, right?

Now for a look at my favorite moments from our stay on the East Coast. (Drum roll, please!)


The cookout! 2014-09-01 21.46.32

Sufing lessons by m’boi, Joey!

2014-09-01 21.42.42

 Snow cones at Pelicans!2014-09-01 21.31.28

 …and then we motored on…


By the way, be on the lookout for our new page, entitled, “Ooops!” where Benj will share some of his favorite trailer debacles! (The first one really stinks!)

Ciao for now!

2014-09-01 21.38.07


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