Whew! Made it!

Can I bellyache for just for just one quick breath?

I’m tired! (okay… I’m done)

2014-08-24 22.10.28
Benjie… what’s with all the sweat?

So, this is how it went down: After two weeks of packing, storing and tossing all that we own, the gypsies finally hit the road!

Oh. You are so, very, welcome! 😉


So, just to remind you: We still had to pick up our “house” out east. Therefore, we motored from Northern Illinois to the Carolina coast in three segments:

Day one: It was a short five-hour drive… cuz we got a late start. But, oh what a blessed evening we had!!

2014-08-24 22.08.41You see, we sorta, kinda, just dropped in on our Ohio friends. Yep.., we’re that kind of people. Therefore, I would be remiss not to offer the official Hostess-with-the-Mostess award to my bestie, Crystal.

She is an ahhh-mazing woman. With a heart of gold (spun from the hands of  Glory), she pulled us into  her home and treated us like traveling royalty. From pip’n hot pizza waiting on the table, to hot tub and smoothies and Belgian chocolates on our super-puffy, deluxe, imported (ahem) pillows. Then after a good night’s sleep, Mr. and Mrs. Awesome treated us to specialty coffees, a super uplifting church service and a cookout for lunch! (Did I mention that we literally dropped in on them, with like two hour’s notice?) Crystal and Daniel, WE LOVE YOU!!

Day 2: Well, after pulling away from our Ohio blessings, we motored on to Virginia. Dinner was a little different on the second night, ‘cuz Honey-Jayne got a crazy-bug-of-a-notion. “Hey, honey,” (she said) “let’s pretend it’s a Zombie apocalypse and we’re running for our lives.” (Yes, she said that.)

Luckily  Benj is just as weird. He agreed, so we stopped at a local Kroger, fought off the local (West Virginian) zombies and nabbed a few canned goods to eat in the car.

2014-08-25 12.42.18(I chose a can of green beans and a can of carrots. Benj nailed an extra-large can of new potatoes and peas/carrots. Errrp!)

Day 3: We made it to Wilmington! We picked up the trailer (which, from this moment forward, will be known as “Rocky”).  Rocky is pretty move-in-ready (and very open concept, BTW) but alas, I had all my earthly treasures from the big house (Ahem, my big house, not the clink!) in a U-haul that needed to be stored.

Guess what? It’s done! (as soon as Benj fixes the closet rack that folded under the pressure of Honey-Jayne’s (although-scaled-down, still-slightly-large) wardrobe.

For now, however, as I sip an icy beverage on a very humid Carolina summer day, I do decla’h, “it’s pool time!”

See ya!  (Splash!)


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