The Countdown…

Oy vey! Seems like we’ve waited forever for this opportunity and then last weekend… bam–it happened!

Wait. What opportunity?

And what happened?

Well, you see we’ve been awaiting an opportunity to grab our laptops, climb into our dually (Dually = Cool-speak for a big-a** truck  with dual rear wheels), hitch up our house, and see the U.S. — up close and personal. But you see, we had a problem… in the form of a four-bedroom, two bath house that didn’t seem to interest the market.

So what happened? Well, just one weekend ago,  BAM! A renter fell from the clear blue sky. Well, not just a renter, but an entire family who really needed the exact house that we really didn’t need. Oh. Perfect!

We (who will henceforth be known as Benj and Honey-Jayne), are really quite the nerds.  But now–

Now, we are GYPSIE-NERDS!

But first things first… we have a lifetime of belongings that we need to  put…well, somewhere.

Amongst the rubble… notice Ben’s juggling pins just over from his right foot. He’s bringing them. Ahem… (nerd)


Oy Vey

Yeah, probably can’t leave them in the kitchen. The new tenants might complain. Instead, we decided to get one of those Pods storage containers. Let me tell you, watching one of these things being delivered was totally cool! (Friends, this was 100% ‘Merica!)

20140816_111924 20140816_11141920140816_111941

By the way, Roland is Da Man! He worked those levers, lifted and lowered wheels, torqued the pod at unspeakable angles, and landed that baby like a pro! (Oh wait. He IS  a pro! Well, nice job, anyway Roland!)

Anyway… Ta da!

20140816_111336Now, all we have to do is load the pod, have them haul away our treasures, climb aboard the dually, and drive from Illinois to North Carolina to pick up the trailer.

No sweat!

So, wanna travel with us? happydanceC’mon! It’ll be fun!

(P.S. If you’re curious and need to know Benj and Honey-Jayne a little better, go to the “about” page. We’ll make official intro’s there.)



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